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About Us

Big Sky Moon is based in San Diego, California. Together they possess the rare combination of many years of experience and high energy, fired by a love for what they do. Big Sky Moon has a gritty country southern rock-n-roll sound, with unique originals and popular country covers to make any audience dance. Showcasing ultra-tight musicianship, powerful arrangements and vocals, Big Sky Moon are great showmen and highly enjoyed by all audiences.

Jason Estu Lead Vocals Guitar

Lead Vocals and Guitar

Jason Estu

Jason is a force to be reckoned with. Not only in size (he's 6' 3"+) and stage presence but also with his ability to write amazing songs drawing from his life experiences.


Jason proudly plays Gretsch guitars. 

    David Farrell Steel Guitar Harmonica Backing Vocals

    Steel Guitar, Harmonica and Backing Vocals

    David Farrell

    David has played with Grand Canyon Sundown Band for over a decade and has sat in with many styles of bands with his steel guitar over the years. 

    David proudly uses Emmons, Sho-Bud & Fender pedal steel guitars; Milkman, Swart & Fender amps; Lee Oscar & Honer harmonicas; Shure & Sennheiser mics; Goodrich volume & driver pedals; Moyo MINI volume pedals; MXR & Dunlop effects; Landis picks and Steelers Choice Pack-A-Seat.

    Emmons, Milkman, Swart, Goodrich, Landis Picks, Moyo & Steelers Choice are all Made In The USA!

      Steven Brundege Bass Guitar Backing Vocals

      Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals

      Steven Brundege

      Jason and Steven have been playing together for over 20 years (Road Noise Band). Steven was signed to MCA with Sativa Luvbox in the early 90’s.

      Steven proudly uses Fender bass guitars, Ampeg amps & MXR.

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